Investors see hundreds of decks each week

Investors get cold emails and pitches all the time. The average seed stage investor gets over 50 pitches each week.

Most of these pitches are from startups who are cold emailing, and the only thing they see is the pitch deck.

That means you're relying on your pitch deck to show your worth.

Are you sure your pitch deck is up to par?

Perfect your pitch deck


The funding landscape is more competitive than ever before. You get ONE CHANCE to impress investors before they drag your deck into the trash. Let us help you capitalize on that once chance.

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Get a 10 minute video breakdown of your pitch deck delivered to you within 48 hours


Problem 1

Investors spend less than 3 minutes judging your startup

Because investors have so much information to sift through, they spend very little time looking at your pitch.

A recent study of seed investors showed the vast majority spend less than 3 minutes reviewing a startup's pitch deck before deciding to trash it or respond to the founders.

It's more important than ever to have a compelling story, stats, and design to impress potential investors.


Problem 2

Have our team use a combination of AI & startup expertise to review your pitch deck for perfection


The Solution

We've worked with hundreds of founders raising capital

Over the last 3 years our team of Launchpeers have worked with over 300 startups around the world, and those who raised money got an average of $257K in seed capital.

We've also worked with investors throughout this process and know what it takes to raise money.

We've paired this expertise with a technical platform we've built that takes into account research backed information about what it takes to build a great pitch deck.


How It Works

We'll give you the feedback you need for a winning deck

Once you send us your deck, we'll review it and send it back to you within 48 hours along with our report. 

We'll tear down each slide, giving you feedback on everything from color scheme and design, to financials and team member profiles.

We'll also give you a grade for your deck on a score of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most 'fundable' and 1 being the least, along with what your score would be once implementing our feedback.


What You Get

Have questions? We have answers.

Is my information secure?

Yes. Once you click the button to get started, you'll have the option to agree to our NDA or upload your own to ensure your information is safe.

Who provides my feedback?

Based on your answers to a few questions, we'll have our Launchpeers review your deck who have the most experience working with startups like yours, based on industry, location, and funding goals..

Does this guarantee I'll raise money?

No, sorry. Some startups are able to raise money, and there's just too many factors  that go into raising money. If you aren't sure about your funding process, email, we'd love to help!


Frequently Asked Questions


Most pitch decks have the wrong information in the wrong order

Techcrunch recently found that most pitch decks don't conform to the slide order of preference of most investors, and since you have a limited amount of time to convey your startup's worth, this really matters.

They also found startups emphasize some information over others, and often don't focus on what makes their startup most likely to succeed when seed investment is at an all time low.


Problem 3